Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean Inc. is a caesarean support group based in Perth, Western Australia. Birthrites.org.au was started in 1997 by seven women committed to supporting others who had experienced, or would need to have a caesarean section.


There has been a growing need for support around caesarean recovery, caesarean healing and more information about birthing options for women in Perth and Western Australia. Australia has some of the highest instances of caesarean section birth in the world (34%) and birthrites.org.au is here to provide a supportive environment for women experiencing caesarean section birth.


Birthrites has grown into a nationally recognised group, serviced by volunteers across Australia. Even though our origins are in Perth, we provide support and information for women Australia wide.


Birthrites is here to connect women who have experience with caesarean section birth with women seeking information, support and advocacy around caesarean section birth, birthing options and caesarean section healing across Australia.