Knowledge is power and we are here to empower you to make decisions about you and your child. We have leveraged the experiences of others to build your knowledge about childbirth, caesarean birth and healing after caesarean. Here are studies, reports and courses that you can access now to start your education about your birthing options.

Mothers and Babies Report WA

Find information on Caesarean birth in Western Australia. This is a rich report about birth. Caesarean birth starts on page 31.

Positive Caesarean Courses

A world first “Positive Caesarean Birth” course prepares mothers and their birth partners to positive pregnancy and caesarean birth.

VBAC Education Project

Endorsed by the International Caesarean Awareness Network this course is designed to empower women to make their own decisions about childbirth.

Maternity Care Options in Perth

Navigating pregnancy for the first time? This government resource can help women navigate pregnancy, from midwifery and home birth to tertiary care for higher risk pregnancies.


Exploring birthing options in Perth? It is important that you are comfortable with the people in the room when you are having your baby. Here are some highly regarded private midwives to help support your pregnancy in Perth.

Perth Maternity.png

Perth Maternity

Vicki Hobbs Independent Midwives.png

Vicki Hobbs

The Waiting Room Midwives.jpg

Mother and Midwife

Midwives Perth.png

Midwives Perth


If you are navigating childbirth for the first time, or just want to explore your birthing options, from hypnobirthing to midwifery led care, there is a wealth of education here for mothers-to-be.

Birth Savvy

Offering positive birth classes in Perth.

Earthside Perth

This hypnobirthing practitioner shares her list of birth options in Perth.